Since 1999 Chemical Roadmaster Italia is a company  certified in quality (ISO) to guarantee customer satisfaction. Since 2015, the detergents sector, is also Ecolabel certified for the environment.



The ISO - International Standard Organization - has developed a set of quality requirements (ISO 9000). In particular, ISO 9000:2000 defines the common terminology, while ISO 9001:2008 (ex ISO 9001:2000) defines the requirements that the organization must have to implement the Quality Management System in order to obtain certification by a third party.

Ecolabel is the European environmental certification mark for products and services. It is a voluntary instrument that is granted to those products and services that observe ecological and performance criteria established at European level. It represents a competitive advantage for the producer, since it gives the possibility to use a signature that is synonymous of environmental quality and performance.

The latest revision, ISO 9001:2015 consider a Quality Management System that focuses on reducing the risks related to the variability and complexity of the context in which the company operates towards the customer in order to enhance the “good” and the service offered. It will therefore be essential to prove the sustainability of the offer in order to ensure all stakeholders.


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